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All Original Written Material copyright 1999, Dan Marsh; all original artwork copyright 1999 by Louie Marsh. Please use with permission only.



Below are four new pictures sent to us by Jim Johannes. Jim's Uncle was a Raider and we thank him for allowing us to share these pictures with the world.

    If you have any Raider pictures you'd like to see here please contact us - we'd LOVE to post them on this site! 

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Three Marines (two Raiders) in Roland Johannes machine gun section. The picture was taken on the Northern end of Okinawa only a few weeks before the Marines on the left and right were KIA and the Marine in the middle WIA by a mortar south of Sugar Loaf Hill, May 21, 1945. They are left to right, Jolly Joe Mioduski (a member of the 1st Raiders), Harold "Dan" Barton (1st Raiders), and Ed Byra (not a Raider.)


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Former Raiders on Guadalcana just before invading Okinawa. The tragedy of this picture is that all save one were KIA or WIA on Okinawa. They are: TOP ROW (L to R) Jack Gawel (WIA), Robert Klasen(WIA), Gene Cravens (WIA), Mark "Little Joe" Laroe (Platoon Sergeant, WIA Guam and Okinawa), Roland "Joe" Johannes (KIA), Don Henderson (WIA Guam and Okinawa)
BOTTOM ROW (L to R) Pat Cremin (KIA), Bill Holy (WIA), Julius "Pop" Thorson (WIA), "Jolly" Joe Mioduski (KIA), and Bill Stroup


usmc3.tif (3454433 bytes)

This was taken on Guadalcanal right before the Okinawa invasion. This picture has two Raiders, Roland "Joe" Johannes on the left and Vic Anderson (also 1st Raiders) on the right. Vic was one of the runners for Capt. Clint Eastment (2nd Raiders) on Okinawa. Vic was also WIA on Okinawa


usmc4.tif (1380812 bytes)

Both 1st Raiders, both fought with Northern landing Force on New Georgia. Left is Bob Blackard, right is Preston Gross. Picture taken in 1943 but not sure where. Somewhere in training but highlights some of the equipment raiders had including WWI type 1st aid dressing pouch.

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