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All Original Written Material copyright 1999, Dan Marsh; all original artwork copyright 1999 by Louie Marsh. Please use with permission only.



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Since 2-18-98

MAJOR CHANGES will be coming to this site soon. I am currently working on a redesign on a different host. Just getting started but you can check it out at www.usmcraiders.org.

Click here for the latest news on the 2015 Raider Reunion in San Antonio Texas!

Important New Raider Book!

Gung Ho! The Corp's Most Progressive Tradition by H. John Poole is a must read for Raider buffs and military history enthusiasts everywhere!

The author has used some of my father's writing from and I'm excited to let you know how you can order the book right now!


   EXCITING NEWS! My father's writings have been published in book form. The book is titled Once A Raider... is it now available for sale on Amazon.com.

The physical copy is available on Amazon  right here.

Once a Raider is also available on the Kindle here, and on the Nook, here. Happy Reading - I'm confident you'll enjoy it.

 We have one more addition to our Guadalcanal Report. It's a video that I put together and then gave to Lucy, who runs the official Raider page. She put it up on Youtube, and I'm embedding it here. Thank you Lucy for all your hard work!

My report of our Guadalcanal Trip Report is finished! ! I just put up the sixth and final part, but check out Parts 1 & 2 & 3 , 4 , 5 first!  UPDATE, 8-30-2011: I just added the final video, the report is complete.

The Raider trip to China was amazing! Here's a video from the trip. One of our guides, Ye Zi, explains about the section of the Great Wall that we visited!

Thanks to Jim Gleason, Raider Corpsman, for sending me the links, we now Raider related videos right here on the site!  You can see one below - and click here for the rest!


CLICK HERE for information on Raider Books!

Looking for information on Raider family members? Click Here to find out how.

I have used Gung-Ho to welcome you to my personal Web site because it characterizes what these pages are all about. The United States Marine Raiders. The word from the Chinese means literally "Work together," but has been corrupted to mean some thing less.

The Raiders understood the meaning of the word and lived out "work together" in training and combat. However, they would define it another way, "lookout for the man on your right and the man on your left." They realized nothing was of more importance in any life situation and it remains deeply ingrained in their character today.

Author in the Corps & Korea!


There exist today official histories of Marine Raider operations as well fictional and nonfictional accounts of their activities.  I am not qualified, neither is it my intention to supplement such histories and records. These pages are personal, based entirely on my reaction and evaluation of events in my experience as I witnessed them, understood them and remember them. Supplemental information is provided from various sources in the public domain.


 USMC - Together We Served


DISCLAIMER: This site has not been authorized, endorsed or reviewed by the office of the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps or any other branch of The Department of Defense.

Also it has not been reviewed or approved by The United States Marine Raider Association of which I am a member.

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